I Love Books

Books are powerful tools, especially for young students. They encourage them to dream, question the status quo, and think bigger. But it all depends on access. With recurring budget cuts to public schools, educators must choose between providing books and other classroom supplies, often digging into their own pockets to get what they need.

I Love Books is a new social enterprise in Louisville that is not only passionate about reading but is determined to inspire students of all ages and backgrounds to discover their true potential. Its founder, Jonathan Beatty, is on a mission to change the world and end illiteracy, with books.

The philosophy is simple: purchase with a purpose. I Love Books sells clothing and accessories that encourage consumers to put their money where their values lie—to wear their hearts on their sleeves. In turn, all of the profits purchase books for public schools in Kentucky, and support local nonprofits through grants and other donations.

AOR: Bullhorn
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Photography: Joshua Jean-Marie


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