The four partners who foundedshare decades of honed expertise in the financial industry. They also share the belief that financial planning could be, and should be, more than a transactional service. It could be personal. It could make heavily-weighted, risky decisions clear, simple. It could put both long-term and short-term goals into focus. It could provide peace of mind. They knew this was an idea worth pursuing. But, the four founders had never been business partners before. They were still consulting, taking the steps to start a new business, and acclimating to new roles, all at once. We stepped in to help translate their vision to a strong brand foundation.

Together, we unpacked the values they hoped to infuse into daily work. Earnest, accessible word pairings resulted. These values informed naming strategy. We dove deep into metaphors of stability, of organic growth. Of wisdom. Asio, a latin name for owl, speaks to the kind of relationships they seek to cultivate. In an industry flooded with acronyms and namesakes, the succinct name is set apart. It is confident, and pairs well with “Capital,” the chosen modifier. We infused motifs of wise, steady counsel throughout the visual elements of their new brand. The colors, copper and deep blue, are elegant and smart. The symbol is versatile, weaving notes of tradition and heritage into a clean, sharp brand as it unfolds into a distinctive, comforting pattern.

Asio came to us as a startup with a story to tell. With clear visual identity system and language foundations, we helped write the first chapter.

AOR: Bullhorn
Role: Creative Director, Design Lead


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