The Kentucky College of Art and Design was established as Kentucky’s only dedicated school of art. It serves the passionate, creative young people who are all over Kentucky and the surrounding region – providing an accessible, affordable, and life-changing opportunity. KyCAD began under the accreditation of Louisville’s Spalding University, but has since become independent. 

Creativity drives the curriculum and sensibility at KyCAD. They needed an identity that they could make their own, something flexible to work alongside the diversity of work they create, and something that their staff, professors, and students could rally behind. Our identity demonstrates this revolutionary sensibility rooted in a practical foundation. The central mark starts with that foundation and builds out. Its main motif borrows from the school’s mission statement: “We open the door to a creative and rewarding life through higher education in the visual arts."

Used on its own, framing student work, or applied by hand – this mark is multivarious and dynamic. The colors are unexpected and energetic. And the language is confident. In short, this identity reflects the personalities of those drawn to this unique place. In 2017, this project won a Gold Transform Award for identity in the education sector.

AOR: Bullhorn
Role: Art Director


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