The global pandemic signaled massive inequities in our legal system. Especially regarding access. The rise in legal aid inquiries related to COVID-19 ranged from the pandemic’s impact on evictions to insurance coverage, consumer rights, public benefits, and employment law. And alongside this increase in demand, there has been a significant decrease in legal aid funding. Sarvis addresses this legal crisis. Rooted in empathy, they are developing a private sector pro bono legal work model to alleviate short-term needs while fostering connections within the system and strengthening the community.

We helped bring Sarvis’s vision to life. Together, we landed on a name linked to the sarvis or serviceberry tree, an early bloomer indicating the coming of spring, an emblem of hope. We developed an interlocking symbol representing their desire to create connection within a community — to build relationships between legal students, young lawyers seeking experience, the court system, and the individuals needing assistance through a volunteer exchange model. While the pandemic planted the Sarvis project, we designed an identity that will work into a post-pandemic future.

AOR: Bullhorn
Role: Creative Director, Design Lead


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