Companies hire consultants and executive coaches to help when the chaos of reactive management, employee turnover, and bad press make it difficult to see straight. But that help is often a band-aid that ignores the root cause. This is where Eight22 Group steps in. They’re a team of intuitive, purpose-driven strategists who partner with leaders to transform turmoil into triumph. They use purpose coaching, organizational redesign, and custom workshops to help people rediscover their purpose at work. And if you think that sounds a little woo-woo for c-suites, you’re not alone.

So Eight22 Group approached us for help. They wanted to redefine and market their offerings. They needed to talk about healing a workplace without scaring anyone off. They aren’t afraid to tell the truth, to challenge clients to dig deeper and make a change. They take a no-bullshit approach with a heavy dose of empathy. And with a more confident voice and visual identity to capture their magic, they could make a new introduction. They could help change businesses for good. So we got to work.

Our strategy was to reintroduce Eight22 as a team of experts. We developed a provocative yet purposeful verbal identity to create an immediate connection with the audience — without scaring them away. We dialed back jargon and simplified the visual identity to convey connection and quality. Stripped back and straightforward, the identity mirrors Eight22’s no BS method. The palette combines a cool black with warm gradients to produce a high contrast, high touch experience. Recognizing the value of connection and healing from the inside out, we crafted interactive circular forms to help describe their collaborative process. Graphics paired with reeded glass imagery emphasize a practice that is empathetic and personal.

Eight22 is proving that healing can happen in the workplace. And we’re excited to be part of their impact.

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