Louisville Public Media

Louisville Public Media is a vital media company, providing entertainment and education for the whole region, at a turning point in its more than 60-year history. But no one understands the connection between the organization and their favorite public radio stations. Even amidst all of this change, the organization is primed for digital listenership, with successful podcasts in motion. In combination with their focus on the radio experience, LPM’s strategy is not strictly digital – it’s a strategy in a digital age. While this shift can seem daunting, LPM has turned it into an opportunity.

We built a transition plan for LPM to thrive in this increasingly digital future. The plan hinged on allowing the stations to lend their considerable brand equity to the parent, LPM. We created a unifying tagline for DJs to verbalize across stations: Gather Around. To support that verbal tag, we worked with local musicians to create an audio tag that plays multiple times an hour on each station. We also streamlined the naming system so that each station fit the same format.

We used the same logic for their visual identity. The stations have unique colors that reflect the primary logo. They add continuity to their social platforms, to their app, and to the website. The visual assets connect the dots with their prominent storefront and branded apparel. They join together the wide range of live music they sponsor from larger events like Waterfront Wednesday, to the concerts they support across nearly every genre and size of venue. Their new identity solidifies the unique bond they share with their listeners.

AOR: Bullhorn
Role: Creative Director, Design Lead


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